Zabunzad’s Global Aspirations

Zabunzad has 3 on-going global projects, which have been running on Zabunzad’s limited budget! In both works, the intention is to bring successful, field-tested, already responding self-study packages for teaching English to the world- at affordable prices or in certain cases for free. These two projects are:

The English in CARe Web-based App: 

We know you are ready to click and see the app for yourself, but please hold on for a minute! As there is no English introduction on the app page, please read on for a couple of minutes so we can explain every thing. The correct name of the original album is of course The “English in Car” Album. It has already been released on CDs in Iran for Persians, and has proved to be a huge success. Also, it has been the best-selling work on Iran’s biggest digital market Digikala, especially in the last 3 years as Digikala has learnt to respect Author’s Copy Rights more seriously, and has banned the selling of all kinds of illegally copied English teaching materials originating abroad. Coronavirus pandemic was a blessing in disguise for this album as people began to play the album on their home audio systems and continued to learn English, and were so happy they could use their abundant free time on hand for something useful. This was also a signal to the author and creator, Dr. Masoud Raee Sharif (by reputation, Masoud Raee Sharifabad by passport name) to realize he could do a lot more with this album than limiting it only to a car. The whole idea behind the car was so people could learn English as they drive around using their idle wasted time (only) for something useful. However, people have idle times elsewhere too, like when they work out, jog, run, do household chores or repetitive inattentive work in office etc. Also, mothers and caretakers could use the album to just expose children to English and (be surprised to) see how much kids can pick up English without even realizing it, or without being forced by anyone. The idea that this method requires no eyes engagement in the learning process appeals to any busy bee or absent-minded learner!

All these led the creator to launch the album as a web-based app, and since it was no longer limited to car only, he picked the name English in CARe for it to emphasize car is not the only place where this album proves to be useful.

You may ask why it is supposed to work globally! The answer is clear: Because it teaches vocabulary ONLY! And nobody anywhere in the world will have difficulty picking up vocabulary through an audio file that presents the English and their native language juxtaposed together with the spelling, a model sentence and its translation! And if you tell them you only need to spend your idle time learning English this way, they would only say “so much the better”. However, developing parallel versions of the English in Car Album for other non-Anglophone nations that Persians requires patience and investment, on both of which we are short now! Enjoy the app here.

Zabunzad’s Liberal University 

A free university for the free mind. Zabunzad is working hard to be accredited by world famous universities or be authorized as one to provide free, unbiased education for all human beings all over the world because we believe in one simple undeniable fact: EDUCATION MUST BE AVAILABLE TO ALL HUMANITY. More of this later on, hopefully in early 2022 when Zabunzad launches its first school, which is definitely going to be “Department of English Education as ESL/EFL”.

Zabunzad’s Liberal Press

No money to publish your book? No investor nearby? You write! We publish! Alright? We even help you with the printing process, like ISBN etc. Wait till early 2022, and visit us again then.